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Building a relationship with your carer

A good relationship between clients and carers is so important when carers are delivering care in people’s homes. It’s important that the client is able to trust the carer and that they feel comfortable with them. In my role managing Tamar Care, I have made sure that this ethos of a good relationship runs through everything we do.

At Tamar Care, we are a little different to a lot of other home care agencies, in that we send out the same carers to the same clients whenever we can. A lot of other domiciliary care agencies will schedule different people to visit you without thinking about how it can feel to have different carers coming into your home. As you’ll see the same carers, this means that you can get to know them and they can get to know you and what you need.

We also make sure that we explain clients’ needs and requests to the carers. The person who visits you will know what is important to you in your care and exactly what you need, whether that’s that you’d like the carer to deliver personal care, if you have a certain way that you would like the carer to prepare your food, or even if you’d like the carer to give you a bit of confidence by going with you to social activities. When our carers know what matters to you, this can help both of you build a good relationship.

Through building up relationships in these ways, our carers can work to ensure you are happy in your home and stay in control of your own life and care.

Gideon Schulman is Managing Director of Tamar Care, a home care agency based in Manchester and servicing clients across Bury, Radcliffe, Whitefield and Prestwich.

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